Carlo Robelli ES-335 Copy, make in Korea, probably in 2003 (purchased in 2004). 22-Fret semi-hollow body, "virtual" f-holes (a unique feature), Heritage Red Color, bound body and neck, with unusual cloud pattern inlayed neck markers(rosewood fingerboard). Typical chromed ABR-1 type Korean Bridge assembly (just like Epiphones) and a non-descript chrome-plated tail piece. Tuners are cast, chrome-plated Keystone style, with tension adjustment screws. Concerning the electrical items, this is a double hubucker rig (zebra humbuckers that have a real ugly white bobbin), 3-way toggle and individual volume and tone controls for each humbucker (speed knobs). I have no idea what the body wood composition is, but if I were a betting man, I would place my money on the construction being the same as every low-end to high-end semi-hollow body coming out of Korea (Samick).  Nice, big strap buttons.